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​   A Pet's Life is honored that you are considering us for your pet's care.  We look forward to giving your pet the love, attention and respect they deserve. We are not in business to simply house your pet; we notice the little things and work to ensure they are happy. 

   A Pet's Life is working on your behalf.  To help minimize your need to pack the little things for your pets stay, we provide FREE ; Peanut Butter, Cheese, Green beans and Greek yogurt as a supplement to encourage your pet at meal time and even catnip ( for kitties).  We also keep on hand fresh bedding, water and food bowls and non-harmful toys( so, no need to bring a crate or other bulky items ).  

  We encourage you to bring a small piece of home along with your pet.  An example might be a t-shirt. No Toys please -  We know this may be hard to understand, we have their safety in mind at bedtime.  A Pet's Life, will enforce these rules to prevent possibility of otherwise harmless object at your home that may become harmful during the course of your pet's stay with us. We go to this length to do our best to ensure your pet and everyone's pet's safety. 

* PLEASE bring your pets prepackaged and labeled meals in as small an air tight sealed container as possible.  Medications really need to be in their original identifiable containers.  This ensures satisfied tummies and health.

* We do accommodate special instructions for feeding times and medication disbursement. Remember to have everything labeled and pre-packaged!

*We do keep dog and cat food on site, our meals do come with an additional charge.

FREE Daycare comes with our boarding, bath and grooming service at A Pet's Life! 

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Quick Reference

Pet Admission Requirements

  • All pets must be at least 16-weeks of age. Spayed / Neutered

  • Current vaccination records on the following shots:                 

  • DOG:   Rabies, DHLPP aka “distemper”, Parvo, Bordetella aka “kennel cough”.

  • CATS:   Distemper, Rabies & Feline Leukemia

  • All Pets must be free or all fleas, Ticks & others parasites.                                                                     

  • Expedite the Admission Process 

     Speed up the initial admission process by printing and filling out the forms below for each pet, to bring with you. If you don’t have a printer, we will be happy assist you on site.​

Bring With You

     Make sure your pet is ready for their big day! Try to bring all of the items listed below with you on your first day.

  • Please have your: Dog on a leash & HARNESS (Preferred - for safety)

  •                         Cat inside a carrier

  • Your printed and completed Guest Application form and Policy and Procedures form (you can also get these forms when you arrive).

  • Veterinarian documents verifying your pets vaccinations

  • Food in a Labeled Resealable package aka Ziplock bag no larger then our storage containers of 8x11x4.  

  • Medication must be in their original prescribed Container with identifiable instructions.  PLUS BE ACCURATE ON YOUR COUNT.

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