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A Pet's Life loves to have all their customers look and feel Fabulous when they are having a spa day.

The owner has made a vow and requires it be understood and followed by all staff and volunteers, without waiver of her pet care policyNo pet in our care will be forced, placed in submission or harmed in anyway to make them look good.


  Grooming has many benefits for example: a clean coat contributes to good health, proper nail clipping can help elevate walking, back and other support issues, a good tooth brushing never hurt anyone, right! and so on.

  On the flip side grooming can be interpreted by a pet as scary or painful.  Michele, the owner, prefers to sing and talk with the babies during the process from bath to styling, it helps some feel relaxed to hear a soothing voice.  This and other positive methods a professional groomer has may not always work, whether just that day or every time, sometimes a pet just hates that groomer or is having a rough day, feeling ill or is weak. 

A Pet's Life considers all of this every time.  When you schedule an appointment for a spa day, your baby may have other plans for his or her day. Again A Pet's Life is here to ensure a happy environment for our guests, we will do our utmost best to make your pet feel proud they look so good when they step out.  We offer the option FREE of charge during your pets spa day appointment to play in one of our daily assigned play groups.  Note that this is available but not required as your pet will surely get plenty of kisses and licks from their friends after they have been groomed and totally ruin their do! 

Bathing, grooming, & nail trimming are just a some of what we provide here at A Pet's Life. Basic baths and nail trims start at $30, rates vary based on coat condition and length, size of pet, temperament and requested style, etc. 

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