Having your canine or feline come to A Pet's Life for daycare provides a number of benefits aside from you having the peace of mind that they are being well taken care of.  Your pet gets to play and interact with other animals and humans that love them, providing socialization that may not be available otherwise.

A Pet's Life takes into consideration your pet's personality, age, energy level & health when attending our daycare/play-date groups.  There will be an initial temperament test (FREE of charge), during which we will evaluate the environment best suited for your pet's needs during each visit. 

Daycare is always FREE at A Pet's Life with purchased boarding & grooming! 

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Quick Reference

Pet Admission Requirements

  • All pets must be at least 16-weeks of age. Spayed / Neutered

  • Current vaccination records on the following shots:                 

  • All Pets must be free or all fleas,Ticks & or others parasites

  • DOG:   Rabies, DHLPP aka “distemper”, Parvo, Bordetella aka “kennel cough”.

  • CATS:   Distemper, Rabies & Feline Leukemia

                                                                                  Expedite Admission Process & look at our schedule

     Speed up the initial admission process by printing and filling out the forms below for each pet, to bring with you. If you don’t have a printer, we will be happy assist you on site to fill them out

Bring With You

     Make sure your pet is ready for their big day! Try to bring all of the items listed below with you on your first day.

  • Please have your: Dog on a NON-retractable leash                                 Cat safely inside a carrier

  • Your printed and completed Guest Application form and Policy and Procedures form (you can also get these forms when you arrive).

  • Food and Medication in a Labeled Resealable package 

  • A T-Shirt or Towel with Mom / Dad /Children scent (Labeled)